Friday, 27 January 2017

I like GMAT like I hate GMAT

It is my next attempt..Not sure whether final or not.I have a time frame..3 months  to 4 months. .Also I will not book a date until I score 700 three times in my mocks Trust me if you are hitting in 600s in your mocks,never expect wonders and miracles for a 700.Be happy if you get a 600 and not a 500.

                            Just like what the heading conveys ,even though I hate GMAT since I did not ace it the way I wanted it to be,I like GMAT because it has definitely improved my abilities.The preparation really helps your verbal and analytical skills.Right from basic parallelism in sentences to complex combinatorics.By the time you start hitting 600s you will start identifying some tricks.

Tomorrow we will start with a math topic and a sentence correction topic.
Will post all the notes that I make,*Conditions apply
I am following this blog .After I have read this,I really feel I can ace this test.
Also read this beautiful debrief.I have read enough and more.I am sure if you guys read this, it is more than enough to get motivated.

Autodidact GMAT

*Only if I am not lazy tomorrow.

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