Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The score is not enough---GMAT Autodidact rises

I am Mr A.GMAT .I have been preparing for the GMAT for quite sometime now.I failed in the test miserably scoring only in the 600's.It was then I understood GMAT is a test of not only good effort alone but also good strategy .I decided to jot down my prep debrief as a blog.This will help me to evaluate whether I am doing quality prep.If I succeed this can motivate a lot of people.
This is also my honest attempt to start a systematic , strategic attempt to crack the coveted exam and reach the goal of 720+ in my next attempt.I have made a few decisions after my last attempt.

1.I will not spent a day without reading at least 5-10 RCs from my collection.
2.I will do at least 1 topic a week in quantitative aptitude.
3.I will  read the materials fully at least 10 days before my actual test date.
4.I will take as many as 13 tests.1 test every 12-13 days and analyse it thoroughly.
5.I am willing to devote 360 hours of my life into quality test prep over a period of 5-6 months.
6.By June I should start hitting 700+ for my mock tests.
7.I will not put even a minute into my prep if I am not in a mood.Considering that I will put in at least 3 hours of daily effort.
8.I will crack this exam big time.Now,if I don't trust in myself who else will.
Trust in your abilities,work with full sincerity.I am hoping for the best.

Mr Autodidact GMAT.

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