Friday, 27 January 2017

GMAT Aspirants.Tighten your seat belts..Let our prep begin steadily.

GMAT Aspirants.Tighten your seat belts..Let our prep begin steadily.

Today ,I started reading some passages as a small step to improve my RC "the biggest nightmare for me" in Verbal section of GMAT.I am sure Verbal section is surely going to challenge me even more this time.I am game for this attempt.Come what may I have to do the verbal section without tension.Even though I have a dream score,it is never going to make me tensed again.

Read more and more.I am finding it interesting to read diverse passages now.Hope it will help me in achieving my dream score.
I have not started topic wise preparation yet.Priming is going on after my disastrous attempt.Gaining confidence and interest.
I write this blog with an aim to inspire at least 1 person in the world.After 6 months of effort I failed in my GMAT ,trying hard yet again without losing hope.If I can hit a dream score this time,I can be a strong motivator for all those who struggle like me.
Any one reading the blog write comments on what is your current prep status and share if I am doing something wrong in my prep .Let My prep begins here be a strong motivator to all of you to start the prep .

Remember GMAT is not a sprint.For a very few people who are inherently brilliant it can seem so simple.But for someone like me ,trust me we are the majority it is a marathon.So guys,do not get disheartened.There are people like me who are very average  in such a motivated mindset doing the prep.
Join me ,lets crack it .

Subject wise posts with good question links will follow once I start the prep.I will also try to post my daily log if possible so that if successful any one can follow it.

Wishing you all a 700++++
Autodidact GMAT

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