Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Day 1

As said above,for the nest 100 days I am gonna love GMAT like no one else does.
I will treat it with the best materials and prep plans.
I will write tests every week till I reach my dream score.
I will make sure I am a 700+ GMAT score holder.

Autodidact gmat.

Sunday, 29 January 2017


Neither a bad experience to start with , nor a great one.
The test with its pace did not appear as a challenge on an overall basis.But may  lack of prep over last month has affected my familiarity somewhere.
Analysis and corrective measures will begin today.
My most sincere attempt on REAL GMAT will be this one.
As of now, I have done whatever I have planned  or wished to do.
So now starts the real journey.I have reached the 600 slab.Want to push to the elite club.
GMAT aspirants join me on this 3 month roller coaster ride.
manhattan gmat mock test score card    
Autodidact GMAT

Friday, 27 January 2017

Day 1 --CR intro....

Hi all,

I am starting my prep today.
Will be following the prep plan as mentioned in the blog post by Mr Mukul.http://www.gmating.com/gmat-prep-guide/
I feel it is comprehensive and neatly made.
There are no confusions as such .Slight changes in the plan.Yesterday I planned to include SC into the prep.But I thought I will stick to the good timetable that has already been prepared by someone who has been there and done it so successfully.
CR all the way.

Autodidact GMAT

I like GMAT like I hate GMAT

It is my next attempt..Not sure whether final or not.I have a time frame..3 months  to 4 months. .Also I will not book a date until I score 700 three times in my mocks Trust me if you are hitting in 600s in your mocks,never expect wonders and miracles for a 700.Be happy if you get a 600 and not a 500.

                            Just like what the heading conveys ,even though I hate GMAT since I did not ace it the way I wanted it to be,I like GMAT because it has definitely improved my abilities.The preparation really helps your verbal and analytical skills.Right from basic parallelism in sentences to complex combinatorics.By the time you start hitting 600s you will start identifying some tricks.

Tomorrow we will start with a math topic and a sentence correction topic.
Will post all the notes that I make,*Conditions apply
I am following this blog .After I have read this,I really feel I can ace this test.http://www.gmating.com/
Also read this beautiful debrief.I have read enough and more.I am sure if you guys read this, it is more than enough to get motivated.

Autodidact GMAT

*Only if I am not lazy tomorrow.

GMAT Aspirants.Tighten your seat belts..Let our prep begin steadily.

GMAT Aspirants.Tighten your seat belts..Let our prep begin steadily.

Today ,I started reading some passages as a small step to improve my RC "the biggest nightmare for me" in Verbal section of GMAT.I am sure Verbal section is surely going to challenge me even more this time.I am game for this attempt.Come what may I have to do the verbal section without tension.Even though I have a dream score,it is never going to make me tensed again.

Read more and more.I am finding it interesting to read diverse passages now.Hope it will help me in achieving my dream score.
I have not started topic wise preparation yet.Priming is going on after my disastrous attempt.Gaining confidence and interest.
I write this blog with an aim to inspire at least 1 person in the world.After 6 months of effort I failed in my GMAT ,trying hard yet again without losing hope.If I can hit a dream score this time,I can be a strong motivator for all those who struggle like me.
Any one reading the blog write comments on what is your current prep status and share if I am doing something wrong in my prep .Let My prep begins here be a strong motivator to all of you to start the prep .

Remember GMAT is not a sprint.For a very few people who are inherently brilliant it can seem so simple.But for someone like me ,trust me we are the majority it is a marathon.So guys,do not get disheartened.There are people like me who are very average  in such a motivated mindset doing the prep.
Join me ,lets crack it .

Subject wise posts with good question links will follow once I start the prep.I will also try to post my daily log if possible so that if successful any one can follow it.

Wishing you all a 700++++
Autodidact GMAT

Wednesday, 25 January 2017



It has been a few days since the last post.Approximately 2 weeks after my GMAT.I have decided to try it again to hit a 720+.The plan is set.
2-3 hours /day is what I expect to put in daily for my dream score .I believe if I can improve from a mere 400 in my first attempt in a mock to the 600-640 range scores in the mocks and the official exam I got,I still feel another 100 points jump is possible,but not easy.I am an optimistic realist.
Slowly but steadily I have started again.Not from the scratch.But from where I stopped and by eliminating all the mistakes I made last time.
My first mock after a long time.I do not know how am I going to fare in it.
Bench mark day is arriving.I will give my best shot.

Autodidact GMAT.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The score is not enough---GMAT Autodidact rises

I am Mr A.GMAT .I have been preparing for the GMAT for quite sometime now.I failed in the test miserably scoring only in the 600's.It was then I understood GMAT is a test of not only good effort alone but also good strategy .I decided to jot down my prep debrief as a blog.This will help me to evaluate whether I am doing quality prep.If I succeed this can motivate a lot of people.
This is also my honest attempt to start a systematic , strategic attempt to crack the coveted exam and reach the goal of 720+ in my next attempt.I have made a few decisions after my last attempt.

1.I will not spent a day without reading at least 5-10 RCs from my collection.
2.I will do at least 1 topic a week in quantitative aptitude.
3.I will  read the materials fully at least 10 days before my actual test date.
4.I will take as many as 13 tests.1 test every 12-13 days and analyse it thoroughly.
5.I am willing to devote 360 hours of my life into quality test prep over a period of 5-6 months.
6.By June I should start hitting 700+ for my mock tests.
7.I will not put even a minute into my prep if I am not in a mood.Considering that I will put in at least 3 hours of daily effort.
8.I will crack this exam big time.Now,if I don't trust in myself who else will.
Trust in your abilities,work with full sincerity.I am hoping for the best.

Mr Autodidact GMAT.